The Benefits of Using a Commercial Appraisal Software

Commercial Property

Commercial appraisal software solutions are out there to make the work of appraisers faster, easier, more efficient, free from redundancies and errors.

While using a word processor, a spreadsheet and database can yield the same results, every professional appraiser is aware of the difficulties of compiling a report using only these tools and they also know how tedious and error-prone the process can be. With a professional appraisal report writing software, you can easily automate many of the task involved in putting together a detailed, accurate, objective and professional-looking appraisal report – here are the most important benefits of these modern software solutions in more detail.

Customizable Formats and Help Writing Narratives

The best commercial appraisal software solutions provide seamless integration with word processors and spreadsheet management softwares, allowing appraisers to create templates that use their preferred fonts and layouts. The programs are also able to facilitate the creation of narrative reports by automating the process up to a certain extent, but also allowing the user to change the text whenever it is necessary.

Complex Solutions that Are Also Easy to Use

The best appraisal software solutions can automate many of the tasks related to creating appraisal reports, including the collection of data, research tracking, storing the images related to a specific project in an organized, easy to find and easy to retrieve way, the editing of the images, the management of external devices, such as cameras or phones, the management of linking to maps to be included into the report.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

In the past, commercial appraisal programs were available only as programs that had to be downloaded on the desktop. Nowadays, you can choose from desktop versions and cloud-based applications that don’t require any download and are accessible from desktop computers, laptops, notebooks as well as from tablets by simply accessing the online user account. The updates for most of these modern softwares and web-based applications are installed automatically, so all you have to do is to use the great features.

Financial Management Functions

Most commercial appraisal programs include cash flow projection and analysis functions, allowing appraisers to model complex processes that involve lease escalations, reimbursements, financial ratios and other, similar calculations and forecasting operations.

You Can Test Your Options for Free

Most providers of commercial appraisal report software solutions offer demo versions that you can use for free for a specific amount of time, usually for a week or even for a month. These demo versions will give you more than enough time to test the interface, the features and the functions and to decide whether the program you are testing offers the easy usage and the performance that you are looking for.


Commercial appraisal programs have a lot to offer, but they are quite affordable. Downloadable, desktop programs are available for a price to be paid one time, with updates available either for a small fee or for free, while cloud-based applications are available for a small fee to be paid monthly and most of them include free updates and technical support.