Is It Time to Move to a 55 Plus Community?

55 plus communities in Colorado

As old age approaches, we might feel that it’s time for a change – a big change. Empty nesters are the first to feel like that, as their young ones have already grown up and started their own families, often spending long weeks or months away from the family home without so much as a phone call. In some cases, daily chores and errands might feel more difficult than they used to be, and declining health may also be looming. If you’re struggling with any of these issues, it might be time to consider joining a 55 plus community.

What Is a 55 Plus Community All About?

As the name would suggest, 55 plus communities are communities designed for elders that support people who are 55 or older. Although the age limit is not all that strict, there are rules that the community should mostly be made up of people who have reached a certain age, so even if you might be allowed to move in with a younger person such as a child, sibling or significant other who is younger, they might find it difficult to adapt.

55 plus communities in Colorado are designed for older individuals, and that means the activities, the proximity to certain venues and any services such as local game clubs, gyms and food places will be mostly geared towards people who are 55+.

Of course, this means that older people will have a definite ball here. 55 plus communities will make bingo nights exciting and provide activities relating to arts and crafts, outdoor community building events and support for workouts and exercising that will keep you fit, chipper and entertained. Moreover, there  will be a lot of great opportunities to meet new, interesting and like-minded people at the numerous social events and activities that will be organized.

Visiting with family members is largely unrestricted, and the good news is you’ll get to meet the families of your new friends as well. So you’ll have the possibility of forming a larger community of friends than you even thought possible. For those who aren’t much into social activities, most 55 plus communities in Colorado will also provide great opportunities for individualistic goals, including access to impressive libraries, places to walk and job undisturbed and outdoor areas where you can sit and read a book in peace.

When Should You Join?

There is no clear cut rule as to when you should or shouldn’t join a 55 plus community. Many empty nesters will benefit from joining sooner rather than later, especially if they can’t find friends where they live and they want to open up to larger world of possibilities. Those who still have children but are not really interested in social activities might find it exciting to move to a place where they will be left alone to pursue their goals without being bothered by anyone.

Of course, the ripe age of 55 is a great time for most elders to move to 55 plus communities in Colorado, but you can seek to do it much sooner as well. You’ll have to get in touch or visit the community, see if they offer the kinds of services and amenities that you’re looking for, and check their rules to see if you can actually join before the age of 55. In most cases, you’ll find that their staff and organizers will be more than happy to accept you.