Why Should You Consider Choosing an Apartment in Centerton AR?

If you want to move to Arkansas, there are very few places you can choose that are better than Centerton. This vibrant and growing little town located northwest of Fayetteville and Rogers is one of the most underrated and remarkable towns that visitors have been actively pointing out as a great place to stay.

Anyone who goes to Centerton considering a house or an apartment can’t help but feel impressed at the colorful and impressive architecture, the numerous parks and green areas, the clean lawns and the overall peaceful setting of any neighborhood you walk through.

Of course, most homes in the area are houses and town homes, but there are also apartments and other varieties of housing you can choose. Whether you want to rent or buy, there will be a type of real estate that’s exactly for you, and that’s a sure thing. Also, it’s good to know that the median home value in the area is only about $180k, and that there are plenty of houses and apartments that go for a lower price than that. If you want to rent an apartment, you can expect the cost to be around $1,000, although again, you can definitely find something cheaper, if your budget is limited.

It’s important to note that, when you move to Centerton AR, you are likely to find plenty of areas where children and pets can play freely. The best homes and apartments Centerton AR offers are close to parks and green areas where you can take your kids without planning a lengthy and tiresome road trip in the weekend, and may apartments and homes are pet-friendly, so you can still move in with your cat or dog without having to worry.

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If you’re tired of the restrictive and stuffy big city life, then Centerton will feel like a breath of fresh air – both literally and figuratively. The countryside feel and clean air will make you want to jump out of bed eagerly in the morning, rather than stumbling around to snooze the alarm clock. Crime rates are quite low, schools are plenty and well-staffed (one of the main things locals praise about their town), and the folks in the area are extremely friendly. If you and your family move into just about any area of the town, you can already expect to make a lot of good friends within the first year of staying there.

There are also plenty of jobs and outdoor activities in the area, and if you don’t like the job opportunities you have in Centerton, you can always commute to a nearby city like Bentonville or Rogers, where you might find more corporate-friendly areas to take your resume to.

One issue in Centerton is that you won’t see much nightlife activity. There is plenty of diversity and many interesting events, but the city is more family-oriented, so you won’t be able to attend too many wild parties or concerts here. However, the distance between Centerton and places like Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville or Rogers will be around 15 miles at most. So as long as you simply own a car, you can get to where the action is quite easily.