What is Precision Construction and How Can It Be Achieved?

What Is Precision Construction

To answer to the question “What is precision construction?” we must think about complete and integrated software solutions available today, that besides easing the work in the tough construction sector, also enhance the accuracy of the measurements and results.

Companies active in construction have to cope with different challenges including the particularities of their work and the conditions imposed by the beneficiaries. Typically, the activity of a construction company means 80% site work, with resource allocation: workers, equipment, machinery, deadlines for projects, downtime caused by unfavorable weather conditions, crowded periods alternating with inactive periods… Under these conditions, efficient resource management, execution of more projects with fewer resources, strict cost accounting, analyzing and reducing them are mandatory requirements for maximizing profitability and efficiency.

Surveillance and geo-location

Some of the major reasons for delaying construction projects and overcoming the budget are geological problems, especially when building lake homes for sale in Hot Springs AR and other popular areas, consisting in variations between the conditions of the land and estimates; they may involve costly changes in the design of a construction project. Fortunately, new techniques that integrate geographic information systems, HD photography and 3D scanning, allowed by recent technological progresses, can improve the precision of the information on which a construction project is based.

5D design

This next-generation technology is a complex representation of the characteristics of a construction project. It takes into account the cost and schedule of construction projects, as well as standard 3D spatial design parameters. It also includes details such as geometry, aesthetic, acoustic and thermal features. 5D Design Platforms allow building owners and entrepreneurs to identify the impact of changes on costs and schedules related to construction projects.

Process digitization

Digitization brings faster exchange of information between those who work on a construction project. Using paper makes it more difficult to capture and analyze data. Process digitization means forgetting about papers and welcoming online transmission of information in real time, to ensure transparency and enhanced collaboration, risk assessment, quality control and more reliable results.

New and improved construction materials

New construction materials (nano-materials, self-healing concrete etc.), as well as new building approaches (3D printing and pre-assembled modules), can speed up the construction time and reduce the costs, by improving the precision, quality and safety.


Other advantages of software that contribute to precision construction

  • Construction work management

Managing the efficient performance of construction works and keeping track of the quantitative value of all activities.

  • Cost control

Defining and tracking planned and committed costs, as well as real-time comparison with the actual costs of running the construction project.

  • Equipment and machinery management

Planning and tracking the equipment and machinery used in construction projects

  • Supplying on time

Controlling the quality and the stock levels and planning the purchases

  • Financial-Accounting Management

Managing your financial and accounting activity from any location and consolidating communication.

  • Integration with other project management software

You can integrate construction software and project management software to ensure complete efficiency.

  • Analyzes and reports specific to construction

Tracking in real-time the profitability, consumption of materials, human resources, equipment and transport.

5 Reasons to Change Insurance – When Is It Time to Look for a New Insurance Provider?

Whether you want additional coverage, or you simply don’t like your current insurance company, the reasons to change insurance providers can be numerous.

insurance coverage change

As follows, we present you with the top 5 most pressing changes and questions that could act as reasons for shifting to a different provider in most cases.

  1. Has Your Current Provider Been Reliable?

Oftentimes, the most important reason behind why people want to change their insurance providers is that they haven’t been dependable enough. They might have avoided or delayed making a claim when there was nothing to contest about it, or they might have even avoided you entirely in order to avoid giving you the money you require.

Reliability also translates in small stuff like being there to provide you with basic information if you need it. An unreliable or rude representative is a sign that the company might not take its clients as seriously as you’d expect.

  1. Do You Have a Hard Time Contacting Them?

Another one of the reasons to change insurance companies has to do with contacting your provider. Are they slow in answering the phone? Maybe they’re unresponsive entirely, and it takes days for them to answer a simple email. If that’s the case, it might be best to start searching for a new insurance provider immediately.

  1. Are the Representatives of Your Insurance Company Being Unhelpful?

Maybe you just gone through a very difficult time having been injured or because of a family member’s injuries. Or maybe your situation is even worse. In such cases, you will need your insurer to be understanding and provide you with assistance.

If the representatives you talk to on the phone are unhelpful, cold or downright rude at these times, then you definitely don’t want much to do with that company.

  1. Do You Need Updated Coverage Levels That They Don’t Offer?

Let’s say your health insurance coverage used to be great when you were on your own. However, now that you have a family, things will change.

While this transition doesn’t always warrant getting an entirely new insurance provider, it is usually preferred. This is mainly because some providers specialize in offering basic insurance packages, while some are better at providing adequate coverage for families with children.

  1. Have You Moved to Another City or Area?

Finally, it can happen that you might have moved to another area. If that’s the case, your insurance should change as well, since the area in question features different types of dangers. If you move from a mountainous region to one where hurricanes and tornadoes are commonplace, then you’ll definitely want another policy. Contacting an insurance company that specializes in offering support in that particular region will be even better.

These are some of the most important reasons to change insurance providers that you will want to consider, and even if most of them might not be a problem for you, in most cases, one is enough to act as a red flag that would cause most insurance adjuster Florida experts to urge you to find a new company.